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Zooani is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving integrity of its Registry, popularity of dog shows featuring purebreds, and focus on quality over quantity in breeding programs.

Zooani is a searchable online database of animals in need of homes. Associations maintain their own databases of home runners and available- pets.

 Our charge

  1. With the help of the Internet and the money it can bring in, we can raise the standard of favs to that of ménage à trois.
  2. Raise the profile of pet surrender initiatives across North America until adoptable pets are no longer put to sleep by the cruel practice of euthanasia. Reconcile the public with the idea that high-quality adoptable favorites don’t exist.

In order to preserve up-to-date and accurate homeless pet lists, Zooani is made up of animal experts and regular people volunteering for their original animal welfare organizations. Extremely high beast interest levies are supported by “real work” during the day. Their never-ending effort to find a contrast has been crucial to the achievement and significance of this design. Let us know, however! Check out our about page if you’re curious about who we are. 



Pet buyers can now find the perfect companion without having to leave the house by searching for pets online. As a bonus, they can track down the sanctum’s web runner and learn all about the services it provides. In addition to a library of free pet care papers, a discussion forum and an introduction to pet care can all be found on Zooani to help favorite pets remain in their homes.

Everyday life is simplified with Zooani.

Participating institutions are required to register. A single point of contact is recommended to handle all direct communications with Zooani.


Zooani is merely a catalog of places where pets can be given up or adopted. Not a single bit of data within Zooani is encrypted. Although the content on Zooani is refined regularly, it’s always fashionable to phone the installation or institution that offers the pet to guarantee it’s still accessible and to check the specifics contained in Zooani are true. 


Any animal surrendered through service should undergo a thorough, incontinent veterinary examination. Relinquishment organizations and the espousing parties have full responsibility for any favorites created, advocated via, or placed on Petfinder.

Zooani disclaims all responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage that be sustained by any person or property as a direct or indirect consequence of the presence of any animal on the Zooani website.

Terms Of Use

This site is hosted and operated by Zooani. By penetrating and using this point, you accept the terms and conditions described above, as well as our sequestration policy and the Zooani rules, regulations, programs, and guidelines as outlined in the Zooani charter and bylaws, rules, regulations, published programs, and guidelines. 


These Terms of Use are supplemental to any additional terms and conditions posted in connection with a particular sale or in a specific section of the website, and they apply to your use of that sale or section of the website.

Zooani may update these policies at any time without prior notice. You accept the Terms of Service as binding as modified by your continued use of this point after any such transformation. It is strictly forbidden to copy or distribute any content from this website in violation of any law or regulation or to facilitate the breaking of any law or rule.

Use Of Proprietor 

Zooani uses a variety of synonyms for “proprietor” across this website. Publicly, Zooani is using the term, and not in a way that would make its being soshown to be synonymous with a permitted title.


Intellectual Property

Academic property and other laws in the United States and other countries protect the audio and videotape accessories, photographs, textbooks, plates, ensigns, designs, interfaces, software, data, and other Content related to the Services (” Content “).

 All other applicable laws and brand, trademark, or other legal notices or restrictions must also be disregarded. No Brand Names, Trademarks, or Legal Notices May Be Removed or Changed. All of the Owner’s Title, Interest, and Rights to the Benefits and the Content will remain with Zooani between you and Zooani. No part of the Content is, as a consequence of your access, transferred to you. Zooani retains full ownership of the Service and Content except as provided below. 

According to the Terms of Service, you are not allowed to use any of the Content to create a business or other commercial enterprise of any kind. This includes copying, downloading, transmitting, displaying, performing, or distributing any of the Content in any way for commercial gain. You may not download, sluice prisoner, store in a database, library, or otherwise copy any portion of the Range; upload, sell, rent, lease, advance, broadcast, transmit, or otherwise circulate, display, or perform any portion of the Content; license any portion of the Range, or otherwise produce any secondary W without the prior written consent of Zooani.


Zooani and/or its affiliates claim ownership of any trademarks, service marks, and ensigns used or shown on this site, whether or not they are registered in the United States. In no event are you permitted to use any of the trademarks or ensigns shown here without the express authorization of their respective owners? Zooani, Cgc, Doggy, Your Zooani, Zooani Meet the Types, and Zooanis are all names for the Canine Good Citizen® program. 

Zooani owns the trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks for T.A.R. Puppy ®, Zooani Rally ®, Zooani Global Services, the National Agility Championship, Foundation Stock Service, Fss, and any related names, markings, and ensigns. Names, trademarks, and totems not on this list aren’t necessarily abandoned as Zooani intellectual property. 

All other trademarks and logos shown All trade names, service marks, and logos used or offeredon this website belong to their respective owners and are not to be used without permission. unless otherwise noted, they are the property of their respective owners. Without the express permission of Zooani or the trademark owner, This site does not grant, any license or right to use any intellectual property obtained by implication, estoppel, or any other means is hereby brands displayed herein.

Third- Party Links

There are links on this website that go to other websites that are not supported by Zooani. Links to websites operated by other parties are provided only for your convenience and information. Zooani does not have control over websites that are owned or operated by third parties; thus, we cannot be held liable for the information found on such websites, 

the quality of those websites’ products or services, or any other aspect of those websites. Zooani also is unable to guarantee that the spots would not change without our knowledge. The inclusion of a link on this website does not signify that Zooani endorses the third-party website, nor does it indicate that Zooani is affiliated with the website’s owners or supporters, even if the third-party website contains the link.


You are aware that there is absolutely no assurance that you will be successful. Accepted into the program, and any table or enrollment fees paid are non-refundable. You acknowledge that for the purpose of putting in an application on behalf of another individual, you are required to have a written command to do so and that, should Zooani make such a request, you will be directed to provide Zooani with the written authorization.

 It has to be stated very clearly in the written authority that you have been given permission to submit the particular operation or operations on behalf of another person. You Furthermore affirm and agree that your relationship with Zooani is in good standing. You acknowledge and agree that any misrepresentation presented by you during the online operation process may result in the cancellation of the enrollment or table of the canine and its children or the waste and the factors of the waste and their descendants. 

This understanding and agreement are based on the fact that you understand and agree that any misrepresentation presented by you may have such an effect. The provision of erroneous information in order to register or list a canine or waste may also result in the termination of your Zooani Boons. Additionally, the submission of false information may result in Zooani refusing to provide services to you, suspending your performance, or terminating it without prior notice. By Inputting Or Supplying Your Contact Information, Including, But Not Limited To, 

A Dispatch Address, Address, Mobile Telephone Number, And Telephone Number, You Consent To Admit Connections From Zooani And Third Parties, Including, But Not Limited To, Textbook Dispatches. By Inputting Or Supplying Your Contact Information, You Consent To Admit Connections From Zooani And Third Parties.

Representations And Warranties

You warrant and represent that any accoutrements, bulletins, feedback, or stoner cessions of any kind that you offer to this point or a social media point are possessed by you and won’t (A) violate or intrude infringes upon the rights of any and all third parties, includingbrand, trademark, 

sequestration or other individual or propriety rights; (B) contain any scandalous or otherwise unlawful material; or (C) engage in conduct that is prejudicial to Zooani. You also represent and warrant

 Your Online Account

However, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of both your account and your password, as well as for controlling who has access to your computer. Furthermore, if you use this point, you agree to accept responsibility for any training that takes place through either your account or your password. You are obligated to provide Zooani with the knowledge that is accurate and comprehensive, as well as to bring that information up to date if it undergoes modifications.

Underage users are unable to create an online account on Zooani since the minimum age requirement is set at 18 years old. The Tykes or Litters Recorded or Listed in the Names of Children Are Required By Zooani Policy to Have the Appropriate Approval of the Child’s Parent or Legal Guardian. In the case of an online account, this indicates that the parent or guardian is the one who is required to create the account, continue to maintain it, and submit details on behalf of the minor.

Online Record Keeping

If you choose to use Zooani’s online record-keeping service, you acknowledge that you are aware of and agree to the fact that all of the data that you key into the registers will be saved. Zooani waiters or waiters belonging to third parties. . You confirm that you have been provided with information regarding and agree to, Zooani having access to and the capacity in order to put this knowledge to use.

 This will include but is not limited to, using it for the purpose of assessing conformity. Zooani rules, regulations, and programs, as well as used for reaching individuals to whom you have transferred a canine or puppy dog. It is permissible, in accordance with Zooani’s regulations for record-keeping, to keep records either on paper or electronically. Electronic records have to be kept in a format that conforms to the assiduity standard, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, or Open Document Format.

 This format must be able to be printed without restrictions and fluently unrestricted at the request of Zooani. It is imperative that electronic records be backed up on a consistent basis, with the backup copy being stored in a distinct and safe location at all times. This can be accomplished by using a cloud-based backup service, an external hard drive, a DVD, or another similarly reliable and secure storage medium. The Online Record Keeping Service Provided by Zooani Satisfies These Requirements. 

You understand and agree that the records will be suitable to be penetrated by all reported co-owners and that each registered owner will have the power to enter and change the information. This is a condition of using the online record-keeping service provided by Zooani for proven co-owned kittens and litters. 

You understand and agree that both the registered sire possessors and the registered levee possessors will be suitable to pierce the lovemaking records for the separate lovemaking between the two tykes and will be suitable to enter and change the data. This applies to both entering new information and changing existing information.

Social Media Sites


In some circumstances, you might be eligible to connect and/or link to a Zooani social media point, such as (but not limited to) Zooani Facebook Runners, Twitter Accounts, Google, Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram. In other words, you might be able to connect and/or link to a Zooani social media point. The Social Media Spots are communities on social media where members of the society may connect with one another and learn more about Zooani. 

The purpose of Zooani is to provide an informative and interesting overview of Zooani, including its many conditions and events. The right to (A) refuse, edit, remove, or modify any content, (B) block disruptive druggies, and (C) stop any Zooani social media site is reserved by Zooani. The social media channels maintained by Zooani are not the best place to address concerns or find solutions to problems. It is important to note that Zooani does not produce, control, represent, or support any opinions or statements that are expressed by others on its social media spots. This includes individuals who follow or like Zooani as well as others who have been followed or liked by Zooani.

 Zoran is following of another stoner’s account, ” likes” of another runner, re-tweets, ” pets, ” shares, or otherwise posting another’s content does not constitute an acceptance by Zooani. Zooani Is Not Responsible For Any Social Media Point’s Terms And Conditions, Sequestration Policy, Or Content In Any Way. You acknowledge that by posting on a social media platform, you are granting Zooani a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to the submission. This license allows Zooani or any third party that Zooani represents to use, copy, transmit, extract, publish, distribute, display, produce secondary workshops of, modify, or adapt the offer in any form or medium. You agree to the terms of this license by using a social media platform.

Stoner Cessions

You acknowledge and agree that any requests you make up to this point may be refused, edited, removed, modified, published, transferred, and shown by Zooani without prior notice, and you waive any rights you may have against such editing or revision, as well as prior notice. You grant Zooani a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to the request by submitting anything to the point, which allows Zooani or any third party Zooani designates to use, copy, transmit, extract, publish, distribute, display, produce secondary workshop of, change, or acclimatize the submission in any form or medium. 

This license is granted in exchange for your submission. The AKC has the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse, cancel, reschedule, or otherwise alter any of the scheduled sessions. Zooani does not guarantee that your requests up to this point will be kept private, with the exception of the circumstances outlined in the sequestration policy. You should not share information that you would want to keep to yourself.


You affirm that you are completely familiar with and agree to the aforementioned terms. Accept full responsibility for your mannerisms at all times. You agree to compensate, defend, and hold harmless Zooani, its companions, and their directors, officers, workers, agents, contractors, licensors, and any third-party providers to the point, service, or content from and against all claims, losses, charges, damages, and costs, as well as reasonable attorneys’ fees, performing or arising out of your use, abuse, or inability to use the point, the service, or the range, or any violation of the terms of service or any other breach of the agreement of this agreement.

Third-Party Content

Zooani may provide content from a third party on the point. Zooani does not verify or estimate the accuracy of third-party content, and the company does not assume responsibility for third parties’ actions, decisions, or omissions. Stoner requests and content provided by third parties are not anything Zooani must cover. You acknowledge and agree that Zooani will not be held liable for any stoner sessions or third-party content, as well as any loss or damage that may result from any of these.


To facilitate media allocation and improve media performance for you, we use several different technologies that hide data and provide data. When you play a video on our website, Zooani, TV, we may use a third-party service that makes use of the processing capabilities, memory, and bandwidth of your computer, mobile phone, or another applicable device in order to share content and other data or features with you and other users of the website as well as to facilitate the operation of the network on which the service is hosted. This may occur whenever you access a video on our website. You are the only one who will be held responsible for any telecommunication or other connectivity charges that may be incurred from using the benefit.

Disclaimer Of Warranties

The Zooani does not make any implicit or explicit guarantees, representations, or signatures of any kind about the quality of the point, the service, or the content in any way, shape, or form. Akc expressly disclaims any contracts of any kind, whether they are express, implied, statutory, or otherwise, which include, but areincluding, but not limited to, guarantees of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose that are implicit in the contract specific purpose, title, and non-infringement, about the point, the service, the content, and any product or service that is being given or will be supplied in the future through the site. 

The AKC does not warrant that the functions performed in the point or by assurance there will be no interruptions, delays, security breaches, or errors in the service, or that there will be no flaws in thepoint or by the service will be corrected. AKC Does Not Guarantee The Discretion Or Absoluteness Of The Content, 

Nor Does It Guarantee That Any Crimes Identified Within The Content Will Be Fixed. Everything—including the point, the service, and the content—is provided “as is” and “as available,” respectively.


Your use of the services, including its functions and content, as well as your access to the services, is at your own risk.

Limitation Of Liability

Under circumstances will the AKC be held responsible for any and all losses, including, but not limited to, any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages. Incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, or another circular 

(1) Damages Resulting from the Use of or

 (2) Damages Caused by the inability to use the Point, the Service, or the Content, 

(2) any sale conducted through or perfected in the Point;

 (3) any allegation that may be traced back to offenses, omissions, or other types of mistakes in the Point, the Service, and/or the Content, 

(4) unauthorized access Stopping your Use of the Point is the sole and most effective course of action available to you if you are dissatisfied with the Point, the Service, the Content, or the Terms of Use. 


This is the one and only solution available to you. It is conceivable that any of the restrictions that were outlined above will not be applicable to you in any way. This is because certain nations do not allow the rejection of liability claims or the setting of limits on the amount of money that may be awarded for incidental or consequential damages. In nations such as these, the liability of the AKC is limited, and guarantees are prohibited to the greatest extent that the law will allow for them to be.



You and the AKC agree that any dispute, dispute, controversy, or claim that has arisen out of your use of this point, service, or content, or as to the construction, interpretation, or effect of this agreement, shall be resolved through binding arbitration according to AAA (American Arbitration Association) standards. You and the AKC further agree that any dispute, 

disagreement, or claim that could arise between you and the AKC because of or in connection with the use of this site, service, or content will be handled in line with this agreement. AKC Duty and Rules, Rules, Regulations, Published Programs, and Guidelines provide that all relevant AKC rules, rules, regulations, and procedures must be followed prior to initiating the arbitration process.


Zooani may be obligated to offer you notice of an event under state or civil law. You hereby accept and agree that announcements of a similar nature posted by Zooani in the appropriate area of the Point or given to you via email will be similarly effective. If you do not give the correct contact information, Zooani cannot be held responsible for any lost correspondence.

Zooani’s inaction with regard to enforcing or applying any right or provision in these Terms of Use will no be interpreted as a relinquishment of any such right or provision or any other legal or contractual rights.

Regardless of any other term of these Terms of Service, null and In the event that if for any reason a court or a government agency deems that any part of this Agreement can not be implemented will be taken out, while the rest of the clauses will continue in effect valid and enforceable.

Contact us

Note: If you need clarification on a certain animal or the sanctuary’s policies, you should ask discreetly. Since each sanctuary manages its own pet roster and information, asking Zooani will deviate your search.

  • Are you looking for a new pet? is a database of adoptable animals from thousands of rescues and shelters. Use our Pet Search to get started with your search. Since Zooani is always being improved, you should either check back often or bookmark your query so that we may send you an automated e-mail if new favorites are added that correspond with your search.

  • Do you want further information about a pet you’ve visited

If you know of a beast welfare organization that might use this pet’s care, please have them get in touch with you. This data may be shown on the group’s main runner or underneath the pet’s image on the description runner, respectively. does not want to hear from you regarding specific people’s faces. Getting us involved will slow down your search since we have no information beyond what is available on their site, and time might be of the essence.

  • Are you trying to find a home for a pet?

Well done on your efforts to aid this beast. To begin, check out our advice on finding a good home for your pet. This article from the library’s collection can help you in your search for a comfortable dwelling. If you are looking for local relinquishment support groups, you may wish to peruse our database. Having a direct conversation with them can help you determine the kind of support they can provide if any.

  • Are you a sanctum/ placement group that needs backing?

Our personnel is well-trained in handling inquiries from sanctum employees and station groups. If you’re a sanctuary or post and have questions about using or need individualized assistance with your pet account, please visit this page.

  • Are you having trouble joining your position on  Zooani?

Verify that you are using a valid U.S. zip code or Canadian postal code. If you must look it up as a city, put it in the same category as Tucson, Arizona. Use either 07978 or Pluckemin, New Jersey, as an example. If your web browser is “cookie-enabled “, it will remember your zip code for in-utero stays and not ask you to re-enter it every time. If is unable to retrieve your postal law, please get in touch with us.

  • Do you need further information on relinquishment procedures?

Please do not write to in search of details on a particular relinquishment group since methods of doing so vary widely from sanctuary to sanctuary. It will slow down your research! immediately relay information to the inner circle or placement group. If you have questions regarding a specific pet, however, you should contact the organization responsible for caring for it. Their citation details are included under the pet’s print on all pet description runners.

Furthermore, services might vary from very nonexistent to complete immunizations, spaying, and behavior evaluations/training. The expense of caring for an animal in shelters is often more than the amount offered for its surrender. As part of the surrender process, many institutions may wish to conduct a “home check,” while others will refuse to release any funds until such a check has been made.

  • Would you like to Link to Zooani?

We appreciate it when other websites link to You’ll be essential in having favorites presumed. If you’d like to choose from the options we’ve provided, please visit our Information Page. The new Featured Pet Module lets you showcase adoptable favorites in your region directly on your homepage. 


While does not provide a links runner, you are welcome to market any service you offer on our discussion board or by contacting your original sanctum to see if they would promote your service on their initial home gatekeeper.

  • Still, have an inquiry? shoot us anE-mail.

Please submit the following form to send us a message with any new questions you may have.